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Hip Replacement Recall

Johnson & Johnson / DePuy have issued a world wide recall of their ASR Hip Replacement implants.

Studies have shown that they can fail prematurely due to metal wear particle formation, loosening, dislocation & bone fracture. Metal blood toxicity can also result with an increased risk of deafness, blindness and heart failure. Symptoms can include swelling, pain and difficulty walking. Victims often have to undergo complicated and expensive corrective surgery.

Many people have received a letter advising them of potential problems with their hip replacement implants. If you are such a person you should consider informing yourself of your legal rights, which may include an entitlement to compensation.

Notice of Proposed Settlement

Notice of Proposed Settlement

Settlement Scheme

Settlement Scheme

Bulletin 31/3/2016

Bulletin 31/3/2016

Bulletin 31/3/2016

Opt Out Notice

Webb Statement of Claim

Webb Statement
of Claim

Beentjes Statement of Claim

Beentjes Statement
of Claim

Advertiser 21/2/2011

Advertiser 21/2/2011

Advertiser, 18/5/2011

Advertiser 18/5/2011

Exposure to toxic hips widespread

Exposure to toxic
hips widespread

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